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abrdn Latin American Income Fund Limited 

Capturing the powerful income potential of Latin American equities and bonds 

Initial Liquidation Distribution

At an extraordinary general meeting of abrdn Latin American Income Fund Limited (in liquidation) (the “Company”) held on 12 June 2023, the shareholders passed resolutions that the Company be summarily wound up and Joint Liquidators (the “Liquidators”) were appointed. In accordance with the Recommended Proposals for Winding up of Company, dated 18 May 2023, the Liquidators announce their intention to make an initial liquidation distribution to the Ordinary shareholders (the “Initial Distribution”) of GBP 0.62682398 per Ordinary share in issue. The Initial Distribution will be effected pro rata to the holdings of Ordinary Sterling shares on the register as at the close of business on 9 June 2023 (the “Record Date”). This distribution will be paid on 21 July 2023 (the “Payment Date”) by way of cheques drawn upon a UK clearing bank, posted to the shareholder’s registered address as the Record Date, for certificated holders and by way of CREST for dematerialised holders for all shareholders who have provided satisfactory KYC information. For enquiries please contact: The Joint Liquidators, Linda Johnson and Leonard Gerber, KPMG Advisory Limited. Email or call +44 (0) 1534 888891.

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